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2008The accuracy of statistical distributions in Microsoft (R) Excel 2007Yalta, Abdullah Talha 
2011Analyzing energy consumption and GDP nexus using maximum entropy bootstrap: The case of TurkeyYalta, Abdullah Talha 
1-Dec-2018Are credit rating agencies regionally biased?Yalta, Abdullah Talha ; Yalta, Ayşe Talha
Aug-2016Bootstrap Inference of Level Relationships in the Presence of Serially Correlated Errors: A Large Scale Simulation Study and an Application in Energy DemandYalta, Abdullah Talha 
2017Dependency on imported oil and its effects on current accountYalta, Ayşe Talha; Yalta, Abdullah Talha 
2021The Determinants of Defense Spending in the Gulf RegionYalta, Abdullah Talha ; Yalta, Ayşe Talha
2016Does Financial Liberalization Decrease Capital Flight? A Panel Causality AnalysisYalta, Ayşe Talha; Yalta, Abdullah Talha 
2016Down Payment Saving in the United States: Evidence from the Panel Study of Income DynamicsYalta, Abdullah Talha 
Feb-2016The dynamics of fuel demand and illegal fuel activity in TurkeyYalta, Abdullah Talha ; Yalta, Ayşe Talha
2012Energy consumption and economic growth in China: A reconciliationYalta, Abdullah Talha ; Çakar, Hatice
Aug-2016Estimating the evolution of elasticities of natural gas demand: the case of Istanbul, TurkeyAltınay, Galip; Yalta, Abdullah Talha 
2008The GNU/Linux platform and freedom respecting software for economistsYalta, Abdullah Talha ; Lucchetti, Riccardo
2019Modern Makroekonomiye GirişYalta, Ayşe Talha; Yalta, Abdullah Talha 
2019Modern Mikroekonomiye GirişYalta, Abdullah Talha ; Yalta, Ayşe Talha
2007The numerical reliability of GAUSS 8.0Yalta, Abdullah Talha 
2009On the importance of verifying forecasting resultsYalta, Abdullah Talha ; Jenal, Olaf
2012Random Number Generation in gretlYalta, Abdullah Talha ; Schreiber, Sven
2010Should Economists Use Open Source Software for Doing Research?Yalta, Abdullah Talha ; Yalta, Ayşe Talha
2020Time Varying Determinants of US Demand for Defense Spending in the post-Cold War EraYalta, Abdullah Talha ; Tüzün, Furkan