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2010Capital account liberalisation and poverty: how close is the link?Arestis, Philip; Caner, Asena 
2010Does Financial Liberalization Help the Poor?Caner, Asena 
Feb-2019Does Poverty Among Immigrants Adapt to Country of Residence? Turks in Germany and DenmarkCaner, Asena ; Pedersen, Peder J.
2012An economic analysis of tobacco elimination policies in TurkeyArslanhan, Selin; Caner, Asena ; Helvacioğlu, Kerem; Sağlam, İsmail ; Teksoz, Tuncay
2009Financial liberalization and the geography of povertyArestis, Philip; Caner, Asena 
Dec-2016Gender Roles and the Education Gender Gap in TurkeyCaner, Asena ; Güven, Cahit; Ökten, Çağla; Sakallı, Seyhun Orcan
May-2016Happiness and Life Satisfaction in Turkey in Recent YearsCaner, Asena 
Oct-2015Happiness, Comparison Effects, and Expectations in TurkeyCaner, Asena 
2011Health care expenditures and gross domestic product: the Turkish caseSülkü, Seher Nur; Caner, Asena 
Jan-2019Health Care Services and the Elderly: Utilization and Satisfaction in the Aftermath of the Turkish Health Transformation ProgramCaner, Asena ; Cilasun, Seyit Mumin
2013Higher education in Turkey: Subsidizing the rich or the poor?Caner, Asena ; Ökten, Çağla
2007Occupational and industrial mobility in the United StatesParrado, Eric; Caner, Asena ; Wolff, Edward N.
Apr-2019Relative deprivation and its association with health indicators: Lower inequality may not improve healthCaner, Asena ; Yiğit, Yenal Can
2010Risk and career choice: Evidence from TurkeyCaner, Asena ; Ökten, Çağla
1-Jul-2018Utilization of health-care services by young children: The aftermath of the Turkish Health Transformation ProgramCaner, Asena ; Karaoğlan, Deniz; Yaşar, Gülbiye