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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008A-statistical convergence of sequences of convolution operatorsDuman, Oktay 
2005A-statistical extension of the Korovkin type approximation theoremErkuş,Duman, Esra; Duman, Oktay 
2006An abstract version of the Korovkin approximation theoremDuman, Oktay ; Orhan, Cihan
2013Advances in applied mathematics and approximation theoryAnastassiou G. A.; Duman O. 
2009Allee effect in a discrete-time predator-prey systemÇelik, Canan; Duman, Oktay 
2011Approximate fuzzy continuity of functionsBurgin, Mark; Duman, Oktay. 
1-Sep-2020Approximation by max-min operators: A general theory and its applicationsGökçer, Yeliz Türkan; Duman, Oktay 
Mar-2020Approximation by nonlinear integral operators via summability processAslan, İsmail; Duman, Oktay 
2010Approximation In Statistical Sense To B-Continuous Functions By Positive Linear OperatorsDirik, Fadime; Duman, Oktay ; Demirci, Kamil
2008Approximation properties of Poisson integrals for orthogonal expansionsÖzarslan, Mehmet Ali; Duman, Oktay 
2012Approximation Properties Of Real And Complex Post-Widder Operators Based On q-IntegersÜnal, Zafer; Özarslan, Mehmet Ali; Duman, Oktay 
2009Approximation theorems by Meyer-Konig and Zeller type operatorsÖzarslan, M. Ali; Duman, Oktay 
2011Approximations by linear operators in spaces of fuzzy continuous functionsBurgin, Mark; Duman, Oktay 
2008A Baskakov type generalization of statistical Korovkin theoryAnastassiou, George A.; Duman, Oktay 
2010Bernstein-durrmeyer type operators preserving linear functionsGupta, V.; Duman, O. 
2013Convergence Methods on Time ScalesTuran, Ceylan; Duman, Oktay 
2008Equi-statistical convergence of positive linear operatorsKarakuş, Sevda; Demirci, Kamil; Duman, Oktay 
Nov-2019Error Estimation for Approximate Solutions of Delay Volterra Integral EquationsDuman, Oktay 
2017Fundamental Properties of Statistical Convergence and Lacunary Statistical Convergence on Time ScalesTuran, Ceylan; Duman, Oktay 
2009Fuzzy approximate continuityBurgin, Mark; Duman, Oktay.