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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2018Algorithmic financial trading with deep convolutional neural networks: Time series to image conversion approachSezer, Ömer Berat; Özbayoğlu, Ahmet Murat 
2012Analysis of gas-liquid behavior in eccentric horizontal annuli with image processing and artificial intelligence techniquesÖzbayoğlu, Ahmet Murat ; Yüksel, H. Ertan
2018Anomaly detection in vehicle traffic with image processing and machine learningSarıkan, Selim S.; Özbayoğlu, Ahmet Murat 
13-Apr-2017An artificial neural network-based stock trading system using technical analysis and big data frameworkSezer, Ömer Berat; Özbayoğlu, Ahmet Murat ; Doğdu, Erdoğan.
2018Automated generation of attack graphs using NVDAksu, M. Uğur; Bıçakcı, Kemal ; Dilek, M. H.; Özbayoğlu, Ahmet Murat ; Tatlı, E. İ.
Dec-2017Automated Image Matching and New Readings for Cyrus the Great's 547 BC Campaign in the Nabonidus Chronicle (BM 35382 = ABC 7)Adalı, Selim Ferruh; Demirci, Muhammed Fatih ; Özbayoğlu, Ahmet Murat 
2017Automated Vehicle Classification with Image Processing and Computational IntelligenceSarıkan, Selim S.; Özbayoğlu, Ahmet Murat ; Zilci, Oğuzhan
Nov-2019Chatter detection in milling with acoustic emissions and deep learningSerin, G.; Güdelek, M. U.; Şener, B.; Özbayoğlu, Ahmet Murat ; Ünver, Hakkı Özgür 
2018Classification of Turkish Documents Using Paragraph VectorSarı, Mustafa; Özbayoğlu, Ahmet Murat 
2015Clustering Quality Improvement of k-means using a Hybrid Evolutionary ModelKarimov, Jeyhun; Özbayoğlu, Ahmet Murat 
2008Comparison of Bayesian Estimation and Neural Network Model in Stock Market TradingÖzbayoğlu, Ahmet Murat ; Bahadır, İsmet
Sep-2012Comparison of Gross Calorific Value Estimation of Turkish Coals using Regression and Neural Networks TechniquesÖzbayoğlu, Ahmet Murat ; Özbayoğlu, Mehmet Evren; Özbayoğlu, Gülhan
2019Computational intelligence models for PIV based particle (cuttings) direction and velocity estimation in multi-phase flowsTombul, H.; Özbayoğlu, Ahmet Murat ; Özbayoğlu, M. E.
Feb-2018Context-Aware Computing, Learning, and Big Data in Internet of Things: A SurveySezer, Ömer Berat; Doğdu, Erdoğan; Özbayoğlu, Ahmet Murat 
Aug-2018Deep convolutional autoencoder for radar-based classification of similar aided and unaided human activitiesSeyfioğlu, Mehmet Saygın; Özbayoğlu, Ahmet Murat ; Gürbüz, Sevgi Zübeyde
Nov-2020Deep Learning Based Hybrid Computational Intelligence Models for Options PricingArin, Efe; Özbayoğlu, Ahmet Murat 
2017A Deep Learning based Stock Trading Model with 2-D CNN Trend DetectionGüdelek, Mehmet Uğur; Bölük, S. Arda; Özbayoğlu, Ahmet Murat 
Aug-2020Deep learning for financial applications: A surveyÖzbayoğlu, Ahmet Murat ; Güdelek, M. U.; Sezer, O. B.
2017Deep Learning of Micro-Doppler Features for Aided and Unaided Gait RecognitionSeyfioğlu, Mehmet Saygın; Gürbüz, Sevgi Zübeyde; Özbayoğlu, Ahmet Murat ; Yüksel, Melda
2021Deep learning-based investment strategy: technical indicator clustering and residual blocksMaratkhan, Anuar; İlyassov, Ibrakhim; Aitzhanov, Madiyar; Demirci, Muhammed Fatih ; Özbayoğlu, Ahmet Murat