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Mar-20192D lattice material architectures for actuationNelissen, W. E. D.; Ayaş, Can; Tekoğlu, Cihan 
Aug-2020Cohesive traction-separation relations for tearing of ductile plates with randomly distributed void nucleation sitesAndersen, R. G.; Tekoğlu, Cihan ; Nielsen, K. L.
Jul-2012A criterion for the onset of void coalescence under combined tension and shearTekoğlu, Cihan ; Leblond, J. -B.; Pardoen, T.
2021A crystal plasticity based finite element framework for RVE calculations of two-phase materials: Void nucleation in dual-phase steelsYalçınkaya, Tuncay; Çakmak, Serhat Onur; Tekoğlu, Cihan 
2019Effect of damage-related microstructural parameters on plate tearing at steady stateTekoğlu, Cihan ; Nielsen, K. L.
Jan-2020Experimental Investigation of Crack Propagation Mechanisms in Commercially Pure Aluminium PlatesTekoğlu, Cihan ; Çelik, Ş.; Duran, Hatice ; Efe, M.; Neilsen, K. L.
Aug-2019A Micromechanics Based Numerical Investigation of Dual Phase SteelsYalçınkaya, Tuncay; Güngör, Gönül Öykü; Çakmak, Serhat Onur; Tekoğlu, Cihan 
28-Mar-2015On localization and void coalescence as a precursor to ductile fractureTekoğlu, Cihan ; Hutchinson, J. W.; Pardoen, T.
6-Apr-2018On the sufficient symmetry conditions for isotropy of elastic moduliAyaş, Can; Tekoğlu, Cihan 
Aug-2017A quest for 2D lattice materials for actuationPronk, T. N.; Ayaş, C.; Tekoğlu, Cihan 
2018A quest for 2D lattice materials for actuation (vol 105, pg 199, 2017)Pronk, T. N.; Ayaş, C.; Tekoğlu, Cihan 
Dec-2014Representative volume element calculations under constant stress triaxiality, Lode parameter, and shear ratioTekoğlu, Cihan 
Apr-2017Theoretical and numerical analysis of void coalescence in porous ductile solids under arbitrary loadingsTorki, M. E.; Tekoğlu, Cihan ; Leblond, J. B.; Benzerga, A. A.
Oct-2015Void coalescence in ductile solids containing two populations of voidsTekoğlu, Cihan