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Sep-2020The association between the fibrinogen-to-albumin ratio and coronary artery disease severity in patients with stable coronary artery diseaseÇelebi, Savaş; Özcan Çelebi, Özlem; Berkalp, Berkten ; Amasyalı, Basri 
1-Oct-2020The association between thrombotic and inflammatory biomarkers and lower-extremity peripheral artery diseaseÇelebi, Aksüyek Savaş ; Berkalp, Berkten ; Amasyalı, Basri 
28-Aug-2018The association of left ventricular mass index with reciprocal ST depression in STEMIÇetin, Mehmet Serkan; Özcan, Çetin Elif Hande; Çelebi, Aksüyek Savaş ; Çelebi, O. Özcan; Temizhan, Ahmet; Aydoğdu, S.; Amasyalı, Basri 
Jun-2020Baseline Hemoglobin Levels Predict All-Cause Mortality After Saphenous Vein Graft InterventionsTek, Müjgan; Çetin, Mehmet Serkan; Berkalp, Berkten ; Amasyalı, Basri ; Özgeyik, Mehmet; Çelebi, Savaş; Diker, Erdem
2020Blood Group Types O and Non-O Are Associated With Coronary Collateral Circulation DevelopmentÇelebi, Savaş; Özcan Çelebi, Özlem; Aydoğdu, Sinan; Berkalp, Berkten ; Amasyalı, Basri 
2019Effect of Vitamin D Status on Invasive Electrophysiologic Parameters and Atrial Fibrillation InducibilityTek, Müjgan; Amasyalı, Basri ; Çetin, Mehmet Serkan; Çelebi, Aksüyek Savaş ; Diker, Erdem; Berkalp, Berkten 
Apr-2020Invasive screening for lower extremity peripheral artery disease: Killing two birds with one stone?Çelebi, Savaş; Özcan Çelebi, Özlem; Çetin, Serkan; Özcan Çetin, Elif Hande; Diker, Erdem; Aydoğdu, Sinan; Berkalp, Berkten ; Amasyalı, Basri 
2019Platelet to lymphocyte ratio predicts all-cause mortality in patients with carotid arterial diseaseTek, Müjgan; Çetin, Mehmet Serkan; Diker, Erdem; Çelebi, Savaş; Amasyalı, Basri ; Berkalp, Berkten 
Apr-2017Reversible first-degree atrioventricular block due to hyperthyroidismÇelebi, Aksüyek Savaş ; Amasyalı, Basri 
2019An unusual cause of angina pectoris due to dynamic coronary artery compression and successful treatment with cardiac surgical reconstructionÇelebi, Savaş; Çelebi, Özlem Özcan; Amasyalı, Basri ; Aybek, Tayfun 
2019The Usefulness of Admission Plasma NT-pro BNP Level to Predict Left Ventricular Aneurysm Formation after Acute ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial InfarctionÇelebi, Savaş; Çelebi, Özlem Özcan; Çetin, Serkan; Çetin, Hande Özcan; Tek, Müjgan; Gökaslan, Serkan; Amasyalı, Basri ; Berkalp, Berkten ; Diker, Erdem; Aydoğdu, Sinan