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20183.000 Yıl Öncesinden Günümüze Geleneksel Çin Tıbbı; Tarihi, Bugünü ve GeleceğiEkmekci, Perihan Elif 
Jun-2017Abortion in Islamic Ethics, and How It is Perceived in Turkey: A Secular Muslim CountryEkmekci, Perihan Elif 
2020Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Medical EthicsEkmekci, Perihan Elif ; Arda, Berna
Dec-2016An Assessment of Coherence Between Early Warning and Response Systems and Serious Cross-Border Health Threats in the European Union and TurkeyEkmekci, Perihan Elif 
Sep-2017Beyond A Game: Peer Education To Separate Football And ViolenceEkmekci, Perihan Elif ; Döne, Kumru; Arda, Berna; Ekmekci, Alp Burak
2020Bioethical Inquiries About Artificial IntelligenceEkmekci, Perihan Elif ; Arda, Berna
Mar-2023Bir Cumhuriyet Hekiminin Hatıraları :Akar, Mehmet Nejat ; Ekmekci, Perihan Elif 
2022Calling for Unity, Solidarity, Continuity, and Access-Oriented Action in Times of WarBuergi, Birgit R.; Arawi, Thalia; Asif, Farah; Aurich, Beate; Ching, Shan Lii; Crawley, Francis P.; Ekmekci, Perihan Elif 
2022Challenges and practices arising during public health emergencies: A qualitative survey on ethics committeesEkmekci, Perihan Elif ; Güner, Müberra Devrim ; Buruk, Banu ; Gunes, Begum; Arda, Berna; Gorkey, Sefik
Mar-2022Clinical ethics with cases from cardiologyEkmekci, Perihan Elif ; Buruk, Banu ; Çelebi, Aksüyek Savaş 
2021Comparison of COVID-19 studies registered in the clinical trial platforms: A research ethics analysis perspectiveBuruk, Banu ; Güner, Müberra Devrim ; Ekmekçi, Perihan Elif ; Çelebi, Aksuyek Savaş
2020ConclusionEkmekci, Perihan Elif ; Arda, Berna
2020A critical perspective on guidelines for responsible and trustworthy artificial intelligenceBuruk, Banu ; Ekmekci, Perihan Elif ; Arda, Berna
2020DefinitionsEkmekci, Perihan Elif ; Arda, Berna
2019Do fair and just systems require compensation for the disadvantages of the natural lottery? A discussion on society’s duties on the provision of gene therapyEkmekci, Perihan Elif ; Güner, Müberra Devrim 
Sep-2017Do we have a moral responsibility to compensate for vulnerable groups? A discussion on the right to health for LGBT peopleEkmekci, Perihan Elif 
Mar-2020Does content of informed consent forms make surgeons vulnerable to lawsuits?Ekmekci, Perihan Elif ; Güner, Müberra Devrim ; Toman, İlayda Nurelif; Karaca, Gülce; Karakoyunlu, Berkem; Çatal, Rabia; Erdem, Merve; Ömeroğlu, Emre
2020Does Social Media Usage Alter The Perception Of Privacy And Confidentiality Norms Of Medical Ethics? Impact Of Social Media Usage On Medical StudentsEkmekci, Perihan Elif ; Güner, Müberra Devrim ; Er, Alara; Erol, Asya
2023An ethical analysis of a prospective new paradigm of life: Nanotechnology-enabled human beings within the framework of principlismBuruk, Banu ; Ekmekçi, Perihan Elif ; Arda, Berna
1-Jun-2018Ethical and legal problems arising from off-label use of medical devices and some solution recommendationsEkmekci, Perihan Elif ; Arda, Berna