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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A Matrix Approach for General Higher Order Linear RecurrencesKılıç, Emrah ; Stanica, Pantelimon
2012A Matrix Approach For Generalizing Two Curious Divisibility PropertiesKılıç, Emrah 
Feb-2020A matrix approach to some second-order difference equations with sign-alternating coefficientsAndelic, Milica; Du, Zhibin; da Fonseca, Carlos M.; Kılıç, Emrah 
2017The Matrix of Super Patalan Numbers and its FactorizationsKılıç, Emrah ; Prodinger, Helmut
2009Matrix Representation Of The Second Order Recurrence {u(kn)}Kılıç, Emrah ; Ömür, Nese; Ulutaş, Yücel Türker
2009More General Identities Involving The Terms Of {W-n(a,b;p,q)}Kılıç, Emrah ; Tan, Elif
2013More on the infinite sum of reciprocal Fibonacci, Pell and higher order recurrencesKılıç, Emrah ; Arıkan, Talha
2-Apr-2020New analogues of the Filbert and Lilbert matrices via products of two k-tuples asymmetric entriesKılıç, Emrah ; Ömür, Neşe; Koparal, Sibel
Jun-2019New asymmetric generalizations of the Filbert and Lilbert matricesKılıç, Emrah ; Koparal, Sibel; Ömür, Neşe
2019New binomial double sums with products of Fibonacci and Lucas numbersKılıç, Emrah ; Taşdemir, Funda
2019New binomial double sums with products op fibonacci and lucas numbersKılıç, Emrah ; Taşdemir, Funda
Apr-2020New Filbert and Lilbert matrices with asymmetric entriesBozdağ, Hacer; Kılıç, Emrah ; Akkuş, İlker
2019New reciprocal sums involving finite products of second order recursionsKılıç, Emrah ; Ersanlı, Didem
Jul-2014New Sums Identities In Weighted Catalan Triangle With The Powers Of Generalized Fibonacci And Lucas NumbersKılıç, Emrah ; Yalçıner, Aynur
2021A new type of Sylvester–Kac matrix and its spectrumKılıç, Emrah ; da Fonseca, C. M.
2020Nonlinear variants of the generalized Filbert and Lilbert matricesKılıç, Emrah ; Koparal, Sibel; Ömür, Neşe
Aug-2019A nonsymmetrical matrix and its factorizationsArıkan, Talha; Kılıç, Emrah ; Prodinger, Helmut
Feb-2014A note on the conjecture of Ramirez and SirventKılıç, Emrah ; Prodinger, Helmut
Mar-2020An observation on the determinant of a Sylvester-Kac type matrixda Fonseca, Carlos M.; Kılıç, Emrah 
2008On a constant-diagonals matrixKılıç, Emrah