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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A Large Hadron Electron Collider at CERNFernandez, J. L. Abelleira; Adolphsen, C.; Akay, Ahmet Nuri ; Aksakal, H.; Albacete, J. L.; Alekhin, S.; The ATLAS Collaboration; Sultansoy, Saleh 
2015New IceCube data and color octet neutrino interpretation of the PeV energy eventsAkay, Ahmet Nuri ; Çakır, O.; Günaydın, Y. O.; Kaya, U.; Şahin, M.; Sultansoy, Saleh 
2010Review Of Linac-Ring-Type Collider ProposalsAkay, Ahmet Nuri ; Karadeniz, H.; Sultansoy, Saleh 
2019Search for Excited u and d Quarks in Dijet Final States at Future pp CollidersAkay, Ahmet Nuri ; Günaydin, Y. O.; Şahin, M.; Sultansoy, Saleh