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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Jul-2018Foam filling options for crashworthiness optimization of thin-walled multi-tubular circular columnsAcar, Erdem ; Güler, Mehmet Ali ; Altın, Murat
2011Guided tail modelling for efficient and accurate reliability estimation of highly safe mechanical systemsAcar, Erdem 
2009Improving the accuracy of vehicle crashworthiness response predictions using an ensemble of metamodelsAcar, Erdem ; Solanki, Kiran N.
4-Mar-2015Increasing automobile crash response metamodel accuracy through adjusted cross validation error based on outlier analysisAcar, Erdem 
2012Investigation and prediction of springback in rotary-draw tube bending process using finite element methodSözen, Levent; Güler, Mehmet Ali ; Bekar, Deniz; Acar, Erdem 
Apr-2019Investigation of combined effects of cross section, taper angle and cell structure on crashworthiness of multi-cell thin-walled tubesAltın, Murat; Kılınçkaya, Ümit; Acar, Erdem ; Güler, Mehmet Ali 
2010Modeling the effect of structural tests on uncertainty in estimated failure stressPark, C.; Matsumura, T.; Haftka, R. T.; Kim, N. H.; Acar, Erdem 
Aug-2020Multi-fidelity crashworthiness optimization of a bus bumper system under frontal impactAcar, Erdem ; Yılmaz, Burak; Güler, Mehmet Ali ; Altın, Murat
2011Multi-objective crashworthiness optimization of tapered thin-walled tubes with axisymmetric indentationsAcar, Erdem ; Güler, Mehmet Ali ; Gerceker, B.; Cerit, M. E.; Bayram, B.
1-Feb-2014Multi-objective robust design of energy-absorbing components using coupled process-performance simulationsNajafi, Ali; Acar, Erdem ; Rais-Rohani, Masoud
2010Optimizing the shape parameters of radial basis functions: an application to automobile crashworthinessAcar, Erdem 
Oct-2016Optimum crashworthiness design of tapered thin-walled tubes with lateral circular cutoutsTaştan, A.; Acar, Erdem ; Güler, Mehmet Ali ; Kılınçkaya, U.
2009Process modeling: Use of uncertainty, sensitivity and optimization techniques for improved understanding of compaction model outputsStone, T. W.; Sanderow, H. I.; Grewal, H.; Acar, Erdem ; Hammi, Y.; Allison, P.; Horstemeyer, M. F.
2012Reliability estimation through guided tail modeling using support vector machinesAcar, Erdem 
2014Reliability estimation using guided tail modeling with adaptive samplingAcar, Erdem ; Ramu, P.
2016Reliability estimation using MCMC based tail modelingAcar, Erdem ; Bayrak, G.
2010Reliability estimation using univariate dimension reduction and extended generalised lambda distributionAcar, Erdem ; Rais-Rohani, Masoud; Eamon, C. D.
May-2016A reliability index extrapolation method for separable limit statesAcar, Erdem 
Dec-2013Reliability prediction through guided tail modeling using support vector machinesAcar, Erdem 
2011Reliability-Based Design of Representative Wing and Tail System Together with Structural TestsAcar, Erdem