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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Guided tail modelling for efficient and accurate reliability estimation of highly safe mechanical systemsAcar, Erdem 
2009Improving the accuracy of vehicle crashworthiness response predictions using an ensemble of metamodelsAcar, Erdem ; Solanki, Kiran N.
4-Mar-2015Increasing automobile crash response metamodel accuracy through adjusted cross validation error based on outlier analysisAcar, Erdem 
2012Investigation and prediction of springback in rotary-draw tube bending process using finite element methodSözen, Levent; Güler, Mehmet Ali ; Bekar, Deniz; Acar, Erdem 
Apr-2019Investigation of combined effects of cross section, taper angle and cell structure on crashworthiness of multi-cell thin-walled tubesAltın, Murat; Kılınçkaya, Ümit; Acar, Erdem ; Güler, Mehmet Ali 
2010Modeling the effect of structural tests on uncertainty in estimated failure stressPark, C.; Matsumura, T.; Haftka, R. T.; Kim, N. H.; Acar, Erdem 
Aug-2020Multi-fidelity crashworthiness optimization of a bus bumper system under frontal impactAcar, Erdem ; Yılmaz, Burak; Güler, Mehmet Ali ; Altın, Murat
2011Multi-objective crashworthiness optimization of tapered thin-walled tubes with axisymmetric indentationsAcar, Erdem ; Güler, Mehmet Ali ; Gerceker, B.; Cerit, M. E.; Bayram, B.
1-Feb-2014Multi-objective robust design of energy-absorbing components using coupled process-performance simulationsNajafi, Ali; Acar, Erdem ; Rais-Rohani, Masoud
2010Optimizing the shape parameters of radial basis functions: an application to automobile crashworthinessAcar, Erdem 
Oct-2016Optimum crashworthiness design of tapered thin-walled tubes with lateral circular cutoutsTaştan, A.; Acar, Erdem ; Güler, Mehmet Ali ; Kılınçkaya, U.
2009Process modeling: Use of uncertainty, sensitivity and optimization techniques for improved understanding of compaction model outputsStone, T. W.; Sanderow, H. I.; Grewal, H.; Acar, Erdem ; Hammi, Y.; Allison, P.; Horstemeyer, M. F.
2012Reliability estimation through guided tail modeling using support vector machinesAcar, Erdem 
2014Reliability estimation using guided tail modeling with adaptive samplingAcar, Erdem ; Ramu, P.
2016Reliability estimation using MCMC based tail modelingAcar, Erdem ; Bayrak, G.
2010Reliability estimation using univariate dimension reduction and extended generalised lambda distributionAcar, Erdem ; Rais-Rohani, Masoud; Eamon, C. D.
May-2016A reliability index extrapolation method for separable limit statesAcar, Erdem 
Dec-2013Reliability prediction through guided tail modeling using support vector machinesAcar, Erdem 
2011Reliability-Based Design of Representative Wing and Tail System Together with Structural TestsAcar, Erdem 
2011Reliability-based structural design of a representative wing and tail system together with structural testsAcar, Erdem