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2005Neutronic analysis of a high power density hybrid reactor using innovative coolantsYalçın, S.; Übeyli, Mustafa; Acır, A.
2006Neutronic analysis of ARIES-RS fusion reactor fueled with thoriumÜbeyli, Mustafa
2008A neutronic investigation on a helium cooled hybrid reactor using nitride fuels containing reactor grade plutoniumÜbeyli, Mustafa; Acır, Adem; Yalçın, Şenay
2010Neutronic investigation on the ARIES-ST fusion reactor with fissionable molten saltsÜbeyli, Mustafa; Acır, Adem
2006Neutronic performance of HYLIFE-II fusion reactor using various thorium molten saltsÜbeyli, Mustafa
2004Neutronic performance of new coolants in a fusion-fission (hybrid) reactorÜbeyli, Mustafa
2008Neutronic study on a magnetic fusion reactor using protective liquid wall of thorium molten saltsÜbeyli, Mustafa; Yalçın, Şenay
2013On the ballistic performance of the AA7075 based functionally graded material with boron carbide reinforcement [Closed Access]Balcı, Erhan; Sarıkan, B.; Übeyli, Mustafa; Camuşcu, N.; Yıldırım, R. O.
2007On the comparison of the ballistic performance of steel and laminated composite armorsÜbeyli, Mustafa; Yıldırım, R. Orhan; Öğel, Bilgehan
2005On the drop-weight testing of alumina/aluminum laminated compositesÜbeyli, Mustafa; Yıldırım, R. Orhan; Öğel, Bilgehan
2010On The Hardenability Of An Intercritically Heat Treated Microalloyed SteelTopçu, Okan; Übeyli, Mustafa; Demir, Teyfik 
2009On the microstructural and mechanical characterizations of a low carbon and micro-alloyed steelTopçu, Okan; Übeyli, Mustafa
2006On the neutronic performance of HYLIFE-II reactor fuelled with carbide fuelsYapıcı, Hüseyin; Übeyli, Mustafa
2006On the radiation damage characterization of candidate first wall materials in a fusion reactor using various molten saltsÜbeyli, Mustafa
2008On the surface roughness of Al-4%Cu/B4C metal matrix composites machined by milling operationÜbeyli, Mustafa; Acır, Adem; Karakaş, M. Serdar; Demir, Teyfik 
2008Potential use of molten salts bearing plutonium fluorides in a magnetic fusion energy reactorÜbeyli, Mustafa
2004Power flattening in ARIES-RS fusion breeder reactor using mixed fuelsÜbeyli, Mustafa
2007Radiation damage and tritium breeding study in a fusion reactor using a liquid wall of various thorium molten saltsÜbeyli, Mustafa
2007Radiation damage on low activation materials used in a hybrid reactorÜbeyli, Mustafa
2005Radiation damage studies on the first wall of a HYLIFE-II type fusion breederŞahin, Sümer; Übeyli, Mustafa