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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Radiation damage and tritium breeding study in a fusion reactor using a liquid wall of various thorium molten saltsÜbeyli, Mustafa
2007Radiation damage on low activation materials used in a hybrid reactorÜbeyli, Mustafa
2005Radiation damage studies on the first wall of a HYLIFE-II type fusion breederŞahin, Sümer; Übeyli, Mustafa
2006Radiation damage study on various first wall materials of a magnetic fusion reactor using heavy metal saltÜbeyli, Mustafa
2003Radiation damage study on various structural refractory alloys of a multi-purpose reactorÜbeyli, Mustafa
2004Reducing effective liquid wall thickness in a HYLIFE-II fusion breederÜbeyli, Mustafa
2009Response of Alumina/4340 Steel Laminated Composites against the Impact of 7.62 mm Armor Piercing ProjectilesDemir, Teyfik ; Übeyli, Mustafa; Yıldırım, R. Orhan; Karakaş, M. Serdar
2008A review on the potential use of austenitic stainless steels in nuclear fusion reactorsŞahin, Sümer; Übeyli, Mustafa
2009A Study on the Cutting Force in Milling of Boron Carbide Particle Reinforced Aluminum CompositeAcır, Adem; Turgut, Yakup; Übeyli, Mustafa; Günay, Mustafa; Seker, Ulvi
2010Using recurrent neural networks for estimation of minor actinides' transmutation in a high power density fusion reactorÜbeyli, Mustafa; Übeyli, Elif Derya
2004Utilization of ceramic uranium fuels in ARIES-RS fusion reactorÜbeyli, Mustafa
2008Utilization of heavy metal molten salts in the ARIES-RS fusion reactorÜbeyli, Mustafa; Yapıcı, Hüseyin
2006Utilization of refractory metals and alloys in fusion reactor structuresÜbeyli, Mustafa; Yalçın, Şenay
2007Utilization of thorium in a high power density hybrid reactor with innovative coolantsÜbeyli, Mustafa; Acır, Adem
2010Yaşlandırma ısıl işleminin sic ve al2o3 parçacık takviyeli alüminyum alaşımı esaslı kompozit malzemelerin mekanik özelliklerine etkisiAycan, Mehmet Fatih