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13-Jul-2017CFD-driven surrogate-based multi-objective shape optimization of an elbow type draft tubeDemirel, Gizem; Acar, Erdem ; Çelebioğlu, Kutay ; Aradağ, Selin
Mar-2015A Comparison of Bilateral Decompression via Unilateral Approach and Classic Laminectomy in Patients with Lumbar Spinal Stenosis: A Retrospective Clinical StudyYaman, Onur; Özdemir, Nail; Dağlı, Ahmet Turan; Acar, Erdem ; Dalbayrak, Sedat; Temiz, Cüneyt
Apr-2017Drop test simulation and surrogate-based optimization of a dishwasher mechanical structure and its packaging moduleMulkoğlu, O.; Güler, Mehmet Ali ; Acar, Erdem ; Demirbag, H.
1-Apr-2015Effect of error metrics on optimum weight factor selection for ensemble of metamodelsAcar, Erdem 
Nov-2013Effects of the correlation model, the trend model, and the number of training points on the accuracy of Kriging metamodelsAcar, Erdem 
Dec-2017Enhancement of quality of modal test results of an unmanned aerial vehicle wing by implementing a multi-objective genetic algorithm optimizationPedramasl, Nima; Şahin, Melin; Acar, Erdem 
4-Mar-2015Increasing automobile crash response metamodel accuracy through adjusted cross validation error based on outlier analysisAcar, Erdem 
1-Feb-2014Multi-objective robust design of energy-absorbing components using coupled process-performance simulationsNajafi, Ali; Acar, Erdem ; Rais-Rohani, Masoud
Oct-2016Optimum crashworthiness design of tapered thin-walled tubes with lateral circular cutoutsTaştan, A.; Acar, Erdem ; Güler, Mehmet Ali ; Kılınçkaya, U.
May-2016A reliability index extrapolation method for separable limit statesAcar, Erdem 
Dec-2013Reliability prediction through guided tail modeling using support vector machinesAcar, Erdem 
Apr-2017Simulation-based design and optimization of Francis turbine runners by using multiple types of metamodelsAyancık, Fatma; Acar, Erdem ; Çelebioğlu, Kutay ; Aradağ, Selin
Jun-2014Simultaneous optimization of shape parameters and weight factors in ensemble of radial basis functionsAcar, Erdem 
Aug-2015Tolerance Analysis with Multiple Surrogate ModelsBayram, Utku; Acar, Erdem