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Mar-2020Does content of informed consent forms make surgeons vulnerable to lawsuits?Ekmekci, Perihan Elif ; Güner, Müberra Devrim ; Toman, İlayda Nurelif; Karaca, Gülce; Karakoyunlu, Berkem; Çatal, Rabia; Erdem, Merve; Ömeroğlu, Emre
2019Healthcare professionals' pharmacovigilance knowledge and adverse drug reaction reporting behavior and factors determining the reporting ratesGüner, Müberra Devrim ; Ekmekci, Perihan Elif 
2017Incentives to Increase Pharmacovigilance Practices from an Educational and Ethical Point of ViewGüner, Müberra Devrim ; Ekmekci, Perihan Elif 
2019Is Medical Schools, Curricula Content of Pharmacovigilance and Rational Pharmacotherapy- Related Subjects Sufficient for Future Physicians?Güner, Müberra Devrim ; Ekmekci, Perihan Elif 
2019A Survey Study Evaluating and Comparing the Health Literacy Knowledge and Communication Skills Used by Nurses and PhysiciansGüner, Müberra Devrim ; Ekmekci, Perihan Elif