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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Jul-2018Bitcoin movement prediction with text miningCeyhan, Kıvanç|Kurtulmaz, E.; Sert, Onur Can; Özyer, Tansel 
9-Jun-2015Boosting real-time recognition of hand posture and gesture for virtual mouse operations with segmentationÖztürk, O.; Aksaç, Alper; Özyer, Tansel ; Alhajj, Reda
2019BreCaHAD: A dataset for breast cancer histopathological annotation and diagnosisAksaç, Alper; Demetrick, D. J.; Özyer, Tansel ; Alhajj, Reda
2015A Case Study for the Churn Prediction in Turksat Internet Service SubscriptionGök, Mehmet; Özyer, Tansel ; Jida, Jamal
2016Classification of HIV data By Constructing A Social Network with Frequent ItemsetsKoçak, Yunuscan; Özyer, Tansel ; Alhajj, Reda
Jun-2017Complex networks driven salient region detection based on superpixel segmentationAksaç, Alper; Özyer, Tansel ; Alhajj, Reda
20-Oct-2017A comprehensive approach for validating p53 binding site predictionsÖzyer, Tansel ; Alhajj, Reda
Jul-2018Correction to: Realizing drug repositioning by adapting a recommendation system to handle the process (vol 19, 136, 2018)Özsoy, Makbule Gülçin; Özyer, Tansel ; Polat, Faruk; Alhajj, Reda
Dec-2019CutESC: Cutting edge spatial clustering technique based on proximity graphsAksaç, Alper; Özyer, Tansel ; Alhajj, Reda
31-Jul-2017Effectiveness of mobile electrocardiogram in healthcare: From mobile application and development to community reactionKassem, A.; Yldrm, U. O.; Turut, K. A.; Wiil, U. K.; Özyer, Tansel ; Alhajj, Reda
2015Employing social network analysis for disease biomarker detectionÖzyer, Tansel ; Üçer, Serkan; İyidoğan, Taylan
31-Jul-2017An evolutionary approach for detecting communities in social networksÖztürk, K.; Polat, F.; Özyer, Tansel 
Jan-2019From Security to Community Detection in Social Networking Platforms
31-Jul-2017From social media analysis to ubiquitous event monitoring: The case of Turkish tweetsErdoğan, A. E.; Ylmaz, T.; Sert, Onur Can; Akyüz, M.; Özyer, Tansel ; Alhajj, Reda
2014IEEE 802.11 WLAN Based Real Time Indoor Positioning: Literature Survey and Experimental InvestigationsKul, Gökhan; Özyer, Tansel ; Tavlı, Bülent 
17-May-2017Integrating SOM and fuzzy k-means clustering for customer classification in personalized recommendation system for non-text based transactional dataDhaliwal, S.; Van, N. N.; Dhaliwal, M.; Rokne J.; Alhajj, Reda; Özyer, Tansel 
2016Integrating text mining, data mining, and network analysis for identifying genetic breast cancer trendsJurca, G.; Addam, O.; Aksaç, A.; Gao, S.; Özyer, Tansel ; Demetrick, D.; Alhajj, Reda
2018Machine Learning Techniques for Online Social Networks
2018NetDriller Version 2: A Powerful Social Network Analysis ToolAfra, Salim; Özyer, Tansel ; Rokne, Jon; Alhajj, Reda
Jul-2018Periodicity detection in turkish stock marketKurtulmaz, Ekim; Aziz, R.; Uçar, U.; Özyer, Tansel ; Alhajj, Reda