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Mar-20172D and 3D shape retrieval using skeleton filling rateŞirin, Yahya; Demirci, Muhammed Fatih 
20153D Shape Recognition: Enhanced Skeletal PointsŞirin, Yahya; Demirci, Muhammed Fatih 
2016Analysis of the Effect of Image Resolution on Automatic Face Gender and Age ClassificationCerit, Betül; Bölük, S. Arda; Demirci, Muhammed Fatih 
Dec-2017Automated Image Matching and New Readings for Cyrus the Great's 547 BC Campaign in the Nabonidus Chronicle (BM 35382 = ABC 7)Adalı, Selim Ferruh; Demirci, Muhammed Fatih ; Özbayoğlu, Ahmet Murat 
2017Automatic Image selection from Images with Similar ContentsBardak, Batuhan ; Demirci, Muhammed Fatih 
2018Cifar-10 Image Classification with Convolutional Neural Networks For Embedded SystemsÇalık, Rasim Caner; Demirci, Muhammed Fatih 
2017Comparison of Three Different CNN Architectures for Age ClassificationAydoğdu, Mehmet Fatih; Çelik, Vakkas; Demirci, Muhammed Fatih 
2016Distance Measure Functions with Enhanced Skeletal Points for 2D and 3DŞirin, Yahya; Demirci, Muhammed Fatih 
2016Distinctive Interest Point Selection for Efficient Near-duplicate Image RetrievalYıldız, Burak; Demirci, Muhammed Fatih 
2016Efficient Near-duplicate Image Detection with Created Feature SubsetYıldız, Burak; Demirci, Muhammed Fatih 
2014Efficient Shape Recognition with Skeleton Filling RateŞirin, Yahya; Demirci, Muhammed Fatih 
2017Fast Cloud Detection Using Low-Frequency Components of Satellite ImageryUfuk, Derviş Utku; Demirpolat, Caner; Demirci, Muhammed Fatih 
2015Generalized Class Representative Computation with Graph Embedding and ClusteringAydos, Fahri; Demirci, Muhammed Fatih 
Nov-2015Improving skeletal shape abstraction using multiple optimal solutionsAkimaliev, Marlen; Demirci, Muhammed Fatih 
2015Informatics olympiads in Turkey: Team selection and trainingCan, T.; Girci, I. O.; Abul, Osman ; Demirci, Muhammed Fatih 
2016Object Recognition by Distortion-free Graph Embedding and Random ForestDemirci, Muhammed Fatih ; Kaçka, Serdar
2015Skeleton Branch Distances for Shape RecognitionBölük, S. Arda; Demirci, Muhammed Fatih 
2016Skeleton Critical Points for Shape MatchingBölük, S. Arda; Demirci, Muhammed Fatih 
2014Skeleton Filling Rate for Shape RecognitionŞirin, Yahya; Demirci, Muhammed Fatih 
2014Why the Names? Anubanini and His Clan in the Cuthaean LegendAdalı, Selim Ferruh; Demirci, Muhammed Fatih ; Özbayoğlu, Ahmet Murat ; Ergin, Oğuz