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2015Aerodynamic Analysis Of A Vertically Landing Lifting BodyAradağ, Selin; Seidel, Jurgen; Cummings, Russell M.; Cook, Layne
2016CFD Analysis Of 3D Flow For 1.4 Mw Francis Turbine And Model Turbine ManufacturingAylı, Ülkü Ece; Kaplan, Alper; Çetintürk, Hüseyin; Kavurmacı, Berat; Demirel, Gizem; Çelebioğlu, Kutay ; Aradağ, Selin
Oct-2017CFD based design of a 4.3MW Francis turbine for improved performance at design and off-design conditionsAradağ, Selin; Akın, Hasan; Çelebioğlu, Kutay 
13-Jul-2017CFD-driven surrogate-based multi-objective shape optimization of an elbow type draft tubeDemirel, Gizem; Acar, Erdem ; Çelebioğlu, Kutay ; Aradağ, Selin
2014A Combined Experimental And Computational Study For The Design Of A Low Water Consumption Cooling TowerDoğan, Burak; Yılmaz, İbrahim; Polat, Özgür; Karabulut, Oytun; Ural, Ahmet; Uludağ, Yusuf; Aradağ, Selin
27-Apr-2017Comparative gasketed plate heat exchanger performance prediction with computations, experiments, correlations and artificial neural network estimationsAradağ, Selin; Genc, Yasin; Türk, Caner
2014Design And Construction Of An Experimental Test Rig For Hydraulic TurbinesAylı, Ece; Kavurmacı, Berat; Çelebioğlu, Kutay ; Aradağ, Selin
2016Determination and generalization of the effects of design parameters on Francis turbine runner performanceAylı, Ece; Çelebioğlu, Kutay ; Aradağ, Selin
2017Effects of Active and Passive Control Techniques on Mach 1.5 Cavity Flow DynamicsAradağ, Selin; Gelisli, Kubra Asena; Yaldır, Elçin Ceren
Nov-2016Experimental analysis of a mixed-plate gasketed plate heat exchanger and artificial neural net estimations of the performance as an alternative to classical correlationsTürk, Caner; Aradağ, Selin; Kakaç, Sadık 
Jan-2014Experimental comparison of performances of three different plates for gasketed plate heat exchangersGülenoğlu, Çağın; Aktürk, Fatih; Aradağ, Selin; Uzol, Nilay Sezer; Kakaç, Sadık 
2015Experimental Determination of Cavitation Characteristics of Hydraulic TurbinesDemirel, Gizem; Aylı, Ece; Çelebioğlu, Kutay ; Taşcıoğlu, Yiğit ; Aradağ, Selin
Nov-2016Experimental investigation and CFD analysis of rectangular profile FINS in a square channel for forced convection regimesAylı, Ece; Bayer, Özgür; Aradağ, Selin
2015Experimental Investigation And Performance Analysis Of Gasketed-Plate Heat ExchangersAktürk, Fatih; Sezer-Uzol, Nilay; Aradağ, Selin; Kakaç, Sadık 
Apr-2017Model Testing of Francis-Type Hydraulic TurbinesKavurmacı, Berat; Çelebioğlu, Kutay ; Aradağ, Selin; Taşcıoğlu, Yiğit 
13-Jul-2017Numerical research of cavitation on Francis turbine runnersÇelebioğlu, Kutay ; Altıntaş, Burak; Aradağ, Selin; Taşcıoğlu, Yiğit 
2015Reverse Engineering Design of a Hydraulic Turbine RunnerKaplan, Alper; Çetintürk, Hüseyin; Çelebioğlu, Kutay ; Aradağ, Selin
Apr-2017Simulation-based design and optimization of Francis turbine runners by using multiple types of metamodelsAyancık, Fatma; Acar, Erdem ; Çelebioğlu, Kutay ; Aradağ, Selin