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2015Design of enzyme-immobilized polymer brush-grafted magnetic nanoparticles for efficient nematicidal activityButt, A.; Farrukh, A.; Ghaffar, A.; Duran, H.; Oluz, Z.; Rehman, H. ur; Yameen, B.
2017Dynamics of ultra-thin polystyrene with and without a (artificial) dead layer studied by resonance enhanced dynamic light scatteringVianna, S. D. B.; Lin, F. Y.; Plum, M. A.; Duran, H.; Steffen, W.
2014Interphase of a Polymer at a Solid InterfaceButt, H. J.; Duran, H.; Egger, W.; Faupel, F.; Harmandaris, V.; Harms, S.; Vianna, S. D. B.