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Dec-2019Efficacy of striae gravidarum extension and localization on predicting intraperitoneal adhesion riskKan, Özgür; Görkem, Ümit; Alkılıç, Ayşegül; Çetin, Mustafa
2020The hazardous impacts of multiple repeated cesarean deliveries on adhesion formation and obstetric outcomesKan, Özgür; Görkem, Ümit; Alkılıç, Ayşegül; Çakır, Caner; Kocak, Özgür; Yıldırım, Engin
Oct-2020Impact of anxiety levels on difficulty of intrauterine insemination and treatment outcomesKan, Özgür; Görkem, Ümit; Baser, Emre; Alkılıç, Ayşegül
2019Is There a Relationship Between Ovarian Reserve and Blood Groups in Infertile Patients?Kanat, Özgür; Görkem, Ümit; Alkılıç, Ayşegül; Taşkıran, Deniz; Koçak, Özgür; Yıldırım, Engin; Toğrul, Cihan