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2009Extremum-seeking control of subsonic cavity flowKim, K.; Kasnakoğlu, C.; Serrani, A.; Samimy, M.
2023Fault Tolerant Super Twisting Sliding Mode Control of a Quadrotor UAV Using Control AllocationKarahan, M.; İnal, M.; Kasnakoğlu, C.
2022Moving Object Detection and Counting in Traffic with Gaussian Mixture Models and Vehicle License Plate Recognition with Prewitt MethodKarahan, M.; Kurt, H.; Kasnakoğlu, C.
2022Nonlinear Modeling and Lyapunov Stability Based Controller Design of a Quadrotor UAVKarahan, M.; Kasnakoğlu, C.
2022Nonlinear Modeling and Robust Backstepping Control of a Quadrotor Unmanned Aerial VehicleKarahan, M.; Kasnakoğlu, C.
2023Track While Scan Radar Design and SimulationKarahan, M.; Dilmen, A.; Lacinkaya, F.; Akay, A.N.; Kasnakoğlu, C.