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2011Designing polymeric nanorod arrays for optical waveguide-based biosensorsGitsas, Antonis; Lazzara, Thomas D.; Yameen, Basit; Steinhart, Martin; Knoll, Wolfgang; Duran, Hatice 
2013Enhanced interfacial rigidity of 1D thermoset nanostructures by interface-induced liquid crystallinityDuran, Hatice ; Yameen, Basit; Geuss, Markus; Kappl, Micheal; Steinhart, Martin; Knoll, Wolfgang
May-2020Nanoporous thin films in optical waveguide spectroscopy for chemical analyticsKnoll, Wolfgang; Azzaroni, Omar; Duran, Hatice ; Kunze-Liebhaeuser, Julia; Lau, King Hang Aaron; Reimhult, Erik; Yameen, Basit
2011Nanostructuring Polymeric Materials by Templating StrategiesKnoll, Wolfgang; Caminade, Anne-Marie; Char, Kookheon; Duran, Hatice ; Feng, Chuan Liang; Gitsas, Antonis; Zhong, X. H.
2013Surface-initiated ring opening polymerization of N-carboxy anhydride of benzyl-L-glutamate monomers on soft flexible substratesDuran, Hatice ; Yameen, Basit; Khan, Hadayat Ullah; Foerch, Renate; Knoll, Wolfgang