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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Allee effect in a discrete-time predator-prey systemÇelik, Canan; Duman, Oktay 
2009Allee effects on population dynamics in continuous (overlapping) caseMerdan, Hüseyin ; Duman, O.; Akın, Ömer ; Çelik, C.
2008Allee effects on population dynamics with delayÇelik, Canan; Merdan, Hüseyin ; Duman, O.; Akın, Ömer 
2009Approximation theorems by Meyer-Konig and Zeller type operatorsÖzarslan, M. Ali; Duman, Oktay 
2009The generalized Pell (p, i)-numbers and their Binet formulas, combinatorial representations, sumsKılıç, Emrah 
2009Hopf bifurcation of a ratio-dependent predator-prey system with time delayÇelik, Canan
2021Hopf bifurcations in a class of reaction-diffusion equations including two discrete time delays: An algorithm for determining Hopf bifurcation, and its applicationsBilazeroğlu, Şeyma; Merdan, Hüseyin 
Nov-2014Hopf bifurcations of a ratio-dependent predator-prey model involving two discrete maturation time delaysKaraoğlu, Esra; Merdan, Hüseyin 
2007Mystery of the rational iteration arising from relaxed Newton's methodÇilingir, Figen
2009On the Fibonacci and Lucas p-numbers, their sums, families of bipartite graphs and permanents of certain matricesKılıç, E.; Stakhov, A. P.
2009On the stability analysis of a general discrete-time population model involving predation and Allee effectsMerdan, Hüseyin ; Duman, O.
2009Oscillation analysis of neutral difference equations with delaysÖcalan, Özkan; Duman, Oktay 
2009Stability analysis of continuous population model involving predation and Allee effectDuman, O.; Merdan, Hüseyin 
2008The stability and Hopf bifurcation for a predator-prey system with time delayÇelik, Canan
2008Statistical convergence on intuitionistic fuzzy normed spacesKarakuş, S.; Demirci, K.; Duman, O.