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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Characterization of Absolute and Uniform ContinuityAslan, İsmail; Duman, Oktay 
2019Intuitionistic Fuzzy Initial Value Problems - An ApplicationAkın, Ömer ; Bayeğ, Selami
2019Limit theorem for a semi - Markovian stochastic model of type (s,S)Hanalioğlu, Zülfiye; Khaniyev, Tahir 
2-Apr-2020New analogues of the Filbert and Lilbert matrices via products of two k-tuples asymmetric entriesKılıç, Emrah ; Ömür, Neşe; Koparal, Sibel
2021The structure of k-lucas cubesEğecioğlu, Ömer; Saygı, Elif; Saygı, Zülfükar 
2011Sums of products of the terms of the generalized Lucas sequence {Vkn}Kılıç, Emrah ; Ulutaş, Yücel Türker; Ömür, Neşe