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2013Enhanced Duplication: a Technique to Correct Soft Errors in Narrow ValuesKarslı, I. Burak; Reviriego, Pedro; Balli, M. Fatih; Ergin, Oğuz ; Maestro, J. A.
Jan-2016Exploiting Existing Copies in Register File for Soft Error CorrectionEker, Abdulaziz; Ergin, Oğuz 
2006Exploiting narrow values for soft error toleranceErgin, Oğuz ; Ünsal, O.; vera X.; González, A.
Jan-2014Exploiting Virtual Addressing for Increasing ReliabilityÇakmakcı, Yaman; Ergin, Oğuz 
2017LazyPIM: An Efficient Cache Coherence Mechanism for Processing-in-MemoryBoroumand, Amirali; Ghose, Saugata; Patel, Minesh; Hassan, Hasan; Lucia, Brandon; Hsieh, Kevin; Mutlu, Onur
2007Using tag-match comparators for detecting soft errorsYalçın, G.; Ergin, O.