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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Algorithmic Analysis of Priority-Based Bin PackingWojciechowski, P.; Subramani, K.; Velasquez, A.; Caskurlu, B. 
2019Correlation, prediction and ranking of evaluation metrics in information retrievalGupta, S.; Kutlu, Mücahid ; Khetan, V.; Lease, M.
2015Engaging experience with physical activity tracking productsKuru, Armağan ; Forlizzi, J.
2007Evolution of fuzzy system models: An overview and new directionsÇelikyılmaz, Aslı; Türkşen, İsmail Burhan 
2012Exploration and field study of a password manager using icon-based passwordsBıçakcı, Kemal ; Atalay, N. B.; Yüceel, M.; Van, Oorschot P. C.
2021Hedonic Expertise GamesÇaşkurlu, B.; Kızılkaya, F.E.; Özen, B.
2018How Safe Is Safety Number? A User Study on SIGNAL’s Fingerprint and Safety Number Methods for Public Key VerificationBıçakcı, Kemal ; Altuncu, E.; Sahkulubey, M. S.; Kızılöz, H. E.; Uzunay, Y.
2016Implicit location sharing detection in social media turkish text messagingYavuz, D. D.; Abul, Osman 
2021New Results on Test-Cost Minimization in Database MigrationAçıkalın, U.U.; Çaşkurlu, B.; Wojciechowski, P.; Subramani, K.
Oct-2020On Existence of Equilibrium Under Social Coalition StructuresÇaşkurlu, Buğra ; Ekici, Özgün; Kızılkaya, Fatih Erdem
2014On Partial Vertex Cover and Budgeted Maximum Coverage Problems in Bipartite GraphsÇaşkurlu, Buğra ; Mkrtchyan, V.; Parekh, O; Subramani, Kiruba Sankaran
2021On Singleton Congestion Games with Resilience Against CollusionÇaşkurlu, B.; Ekici, Ö.; Kızılkaya, F.E.
2021Overview of the CLEF–2021 CheckThat! Lab on Detecting Check-Worthy Claims, Previously Fact-Checked Claims, and Fake NewsNakov, P.; Da San Martino, G.; Elsayed, T.; Barrón-Cedeño, A.; Míguez, R.; Shaar, S.; Alam, F.
Aug-2020Security-Aware Database Migration PlanningSubramani, Kiruba Sankaran; Çaşkurlu, Buğra ; Açıkalın, Utku Umur
2011Shape abstraction through multiple optimal solutionsAkimaliev M.; Demirci, Muhammed Fatih 
2022Understanding and Predicting Characteristics of Test Collections in Information RetrievalRahman M.M.; Kutlu, Mücahid; Lease M.