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2013A non-linear elastic-plastic stress analysis in a ductile double-lap jointSayman, Onur; Özen, Mustafa; Özel, Adnan; Demir, Teyfik ; Korkmaz, Behiye
2008On the surface roughness of Al-4%Cu/B4C metal matrix composites machined by milling operationÜbeyli, Mustafa; Acır, Adem; Karakaş, M. Serdar; Demir, Teyfik 
2009Response of Alumina/4340 Steel Laminated Composites against the Impact of 7.62 mm Armor Piercing ProjectilesDemir, Teyfik ; Übeyli, Mustafa; Yıldırım, R. Orhan; Karakaş, M. Serdar
2009A Study on the Cutting Force in Milling of Boron Carbide Particle Reinforced Aluminum CompositeAcır, Adem; Turgut, Yakup; Übeyli, Mustafa; Günay, Mustafa; Seker, Ulvi