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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Flexible CdS photoelectrodes for photoelectrochemical solar cell applicationsDemirci Sankır, Nurdan ; Tezel, Tamer; Doğan, Bahadır
2011Growth of CdS thin films and nanowires for flexible photoelectrochemical cellsDemirci Sankır, Nurdan ; Doğan, Bahadır
2012High performance chromium (VI) removal from water by polyacrylonitrile-co-poly (2-ethyl hexylacrylate) and polyaniline nanoporous membranesBozkır, Selçuk; Sankır, Mehmet ; Semiz, Levent; Demirci Sankır, Nurdan ; Usanmaz, Ali
Jul-2020Highly efficient 3D-ZnO nanosheet photoelectrodes for solar-driven water splitting: Chalcogenide nanoparticle sensitization and mathematical modelingAltaf, Çigdem Tuç; Faraji, Mehrdad; Kumtepe, Alihan; Abdullayeva, Nazrin; Yılmaz, Nazmi; Karagöz, Emine; Bozbey, Ali ; Kurt, Hamza ; Sankır, Mehmet ; Demirci Sankır, Nurdan 
2015Hydrogen Generation from Chemical HydridesSankır, Mehmet ; Semiz, L.; Serin, R. B.; Demirci Sankır, Nurdan ; Baker, D.
2015Hydrogen generation from nanoflower platinum filmsSankır, Mehmet ; Semiz, Levent; Serin, Ramis Berkay; Demirci Sankır, Nurdan 
14-Apr-2014Impedance Spectroscopy and Dielectric Properties of Silver Incorporated Indium Sulfide Thin FilmsDemirci Sankır, Nurdan ; Aydın, Erkan; Sankır, Mehmet 
Mar-2020Indium Sulfide Based Photoelectrodes for All-Vanadium Photoelectrochemical Redox Flow BatteriesKumtepe, Alihan; Altaf, Çigdem Tuç; Sahsuvar, Simay; Abdullayeva, Nazrin; Köseoğlu, Erkin; Sankır, Mehmet ; Demirci Sankır, Nurdan 
Jun-2014Influence of excitation frequency on structural and electrical properties of spray pyrolyzed CuInS2 thin filmsDemirci Sankır, Nurdan ; Aydın, Erkan; Sankır, Mehmet ; Bozbey, Ali 
2014Influence of silver incorporation on the structural, optical and electrical properties of spray pyrolyzed indium sulfide thin filmsAydın, Erkan; Sankır, Mehmet ; Demirci Sankır, Nurdan 
2014Influence of the basic membrane properties of the disulfonated poly (arylene ether sulfone) copolymer membranes on the vanadium redox flow battery performanceSemiz, Levent; Demirci Sankır, Nurdan ; Sankır, Mehmet 
Sep-2020Inverted Configuration of Cu(In,Ga)S2/In2S3on 3D-ZnO/ZnSnO3Bilayer System for Highly Efficient Photoelectrochemical Water SplittingAltaf, Çiğdem Tuc; Şahsuvar, N. S.; Abdullayeva, N.; Coşkun, O.; Kumtepe, A.; Karagöz, E.; Sankır, Mehmet ; Demirci Sankır, Nurdan 
2019Investigation of Strain Effects on Photoelectrochemical Performance of Flexible ZnO ElectrodesAbdullayeva, Nazrin; Altaf, Çiğdem Tuç; Mintas, Merve; Özer, Ahmet; Sankır, Mehmet ; Kurt, Hamza ; Demirci Sankır, Nurdan 
2010Investigation of structural and optical properties of the CdS and CdS/PPy nanowiresDemirci Sankır, Nurdan ; Doğan, Bahadır
2010Nano heterojunctions of cadmium sulfide and cadmium telluride for photoelectrochemical cell applicationsDemirci Sankır, Nurdan ; Doğan, B.; Parlak, M.; Küçükyavuz, Z.
2015Non-toxic and environmentally friendly route for preparation of copper indium sulfide based thin film solar cellsDemirci Sankır, Nurdan ; Aydın, Erkan; Uğur, Esma; Sankır, Mehmet 
2016On-Board Hydrogen Powered Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel CellsSemiz, Levent; Abdullayeva, N.; Sankır, Mehmet ; Demirci Sankır, Nurdan 
2017Photovoltaic performance and impedance spectroscopy analysis of CuInS2 thin film solar cells deposited on polyimide foil via spray pyrolysisAydın, E.; Demirci Sankır, Nurdan 
2013Preparation and characterization of cost effective spray pyrolyzed absorber layer for thin film solar cellsDemirci Sankır, Nurdan ; Aydın, Erkan; Ünver, Hülya; Uluer, Ezgi; Parlak, Mehmet
Apr-2017Printable solar cells [Book]Demirci Sankır, Nurdan ; Sankır, Mehmet