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1-Jun-2018Simultaneous insulation and modification of quartz tuning fork surface by single-step plasma polymerization technique with amine-rich precursorsKaleli Can, Gizem; Özgüzar, Hatice Ferda; Kabay, Gözde; Kömürcü, Pelin; Mutlu, Mehmet 
2021Single-step amphoteric surface modification through plasma polymerization: Antifouling coating for titanium substrateÖzgüzar, Hatice Ferda; Meydan, Ahmet Ersin; Göçmen, Julide Sedef ; Mutlu, Mehmet 
Dec-2013Sterilization of Food Contacting Surfaces via Non-Thermal Plasma Treatment: A Model Study with Escherichia coli-Contaminated Stainless Steel and Polyethylene SurfacesŞen, Yasin; Mutlu, Mehmet