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2016A 2D Peridynamic Model for Failure Analysis of Orthotropic Thin Plates Due to BendingTaştan, A.; Yolum, U.; Güler, Mehmet Ali ; Zaccariotto, M.; Galvanetto, U.
Oct-2014Closed-form solution of the two-dimensional sliding frictional contact problem for an orthotropic mediumGüler, Mehmet Ali 
Jun-2017The contact problem of a rigid punch sliding over a functionally graded bilayerÇömez, İ.; Güler, Mehmet Ali 
Apr-2016The contact problem of a rigid stamp with friction on a functionally graded magneto-electro-elastic half-planeElloumi, Rana; El-Borgi, Sami; Güler, Mehmet Ali ; Kallel-Kamoun, Imen
Apr-2017Drop test simulation and surrogate-based optimization of a dishwasher mechanical structure and its packaging moduleMulkoğlu, O.; Güler, Mehmet Ali ; Acar, Erdem ; Demirbag, H.
Sep-2017Effect of hole reinforcement on the buckling behaviour of thin-walled beams subjected to combined loadingÖrün, Arif E.; Güler, Mehmet Ali 
Jan-2014The effect of material property grading on the rolling contact stress fieldAlinia, Y.; Güler, Mehmet Ali ; Adibnazari, S.
2017The effect of percent foam fill ratio on the energy absorption capacity of axially compressed thin-walled multi-cell square and circular tubesAltın, Murat; Güler, Mehmet Ali ; Mert, Sinem K.
Dec-2014A frictional receding contact plane problem between a functionally graded layer and a homogeneous substrateEl-Borgi, Sami; Usman, Shameem; Güler, Mehmet Ali 
Oct-2015Mechanics of sliding frictional contact for a graded orthotropic half-planeKüçüksucu, Ayşegül; Güler, Mehmet Ali ; Avcı, Ahmet
Jan-2017On the analytical and finite element solution of plane contact problem of a rigid cylindrical punch sliding over a functionally graded orthotropic mediumGüler, Mehmet Ali ; Küçüksucu, A.; Yılmaz, K. B.; Yıldırım, B.
Jan-2014On the contact mechanics of a rolling cylinder on a graded coating. Part 1: Analytical formulationAlinia, Y.; Güler, Mehmet Ali ; Adibnazari, S.
Oct-2014On the frictional sliding contact problem between a rigid circular conducting punch and a magneto-electro-elastic half-planeElloumi, R.; Kallel-Kamoun, I.; El-Borgi, Sami; Güler, Mehmet Ali 
Nov-2017On the fully coupled partial slip contact problems of orthotropic materials loaded by flat and cylindrical indentersAlinia, Y.; Güler, Mehmet Ali 
Oct-2016Optimum crashworthiness design of tapered thin-walled tubes with lateral circular cutoutsTaştan, A.; Acar, Erdem ; Güler, Mehmet Ali ; Kılınçkaya, U.
2016A Peridynamic Model for Ductile Fracture of Moderately Thick PlatesYolum, Uğur; Taştan, Ahmet; Güler, Mehmet Ali 
Feb-2017Rolling contact problem for an orthotropic mediumAlinia, Y.; Zakerhaghighi, H.; Adibnazari, S.; Güler, Mehmet Ali 
Mar-2016Sliding contact analysis of functionally graded coating/substrate systemAlinia, Yadollah; Beheshti, Ali; Güler, Mehmet Ali ; El-Borgi, Sami; Polycarpou, Andreas A.
Oct-2017Two-dimensional analysis of the fully coupled rolling contact problem between a rigid cylinder and an orthotropic mediumZakerhaghighi, H.; Adibnazari, S.; Güler, Mehmet Ali ; Faghidian, S. A.