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2017On Alternating Weighted Binomıal Sums With Falling FactorıalsKılıç, Emrah ; Ömür, Neşe; Koparal, Sibel
Apr-2019On Binomial Double Sums with Fibonacci and Lucas numbers-IKılıç, Emrah ; Taşdemir, Funda
2018On Fibonomial sums identities with special sign functions: analytically q-calculus approachKılıç, Emrah ; Akkuş, İlker
Sep-2016On sums of squares of Fibonomial coefficients by q-calculusKılıç, Emrah ; Yalçıner, Aynur
2019Partial sums of the gaussian q-binomial coefficients, their reciprocals, square and squared reciprocals with applicationsKılıç, Emrah ; Akkuş, İlker
2014A proof of a conjecture of Marques and TrojovskyKılıç, Emrah 
Jul-2019A proof of Clarke's conjectureKılıç, Emrah ; Arıkan, Talha
2020Quadratic sums of Gaussian q-binomial coefficients and Fibonomial coefficientsKılıç, Emrah ; Chu, Wenchang
Mar-2016Ruehr's identities with two additional parametersKılıç, Emrah ; Arıkan, Talha
Sep-2016Some classes of alternating weighted binomial sumsKılıç, Emrah 
Oct-2013Some Double binomial sums related to Fibonacci, Pell and generalized order-k Fibonacci numbersKılıç, Emrah ; Prodinger, Helmut
Sep-2016Some Gaussian binomial sum formulæ with applicationsKılıç, Emrah ; Prodinger, Helmut
Jul-2015Some Subsequences of the Generalized Fibonacci and Lucas SequencesKılıç, Emrah ; Kılıç, Elif Tan
Nov-2013Some weighted sums of products of Lucas sequencesKılıç, Emrah ; Ömür, Neşe
2019Studying new generalizations of Max-Min matrices with a novel approachKılıç, Emrah ; Arıkan, Talha
Feb-2015Sums of products of generalized Fibonacci and Lucas numbersKılıç, Emrah ; Prodinger, Helmut
Nov-2013Sylvester-Tridiagonal Matrix with Alternating main diagonal entries and its SpectraKılıç, Emrah 
8-May-2018Three binomial sums weighted by falling and rising factorialsKılıç, Emrah 
2021Three Determinant EvaluationsChu, Wenchang; Kılıç, Emrah 
Jun-2016Two Variants of the Reciprocal Super Catalan MatrixKılıç, Emrah ; Ömür, Neşe; Koparal, Sibel; Ulutaş, Yücel Türker