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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2016Solving a Second Order Fuzzy Initial Value Problem Using The Heaviside FunctionAkın, Ömer ; Khaniyev, Tahir ; Bayeğ, Selami; Türkşen, İ. B.
2018Some Results On Hausdorff Metric For Intuitionistic Fuzzy SetsAkın, Ömer ; Bayeğ, Selami
2019Some Results on the Fundamental Concepts of Fuzzy Set Theory in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Environment by Using ? and ß cutsAkın, Ömer ; Bayeğ, Selami
2018System of intuitionistic fuzzy differential equations with intuitionistic fuzzy initial valuesAkın, Ömer ; Bayeğ, Selami