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29-Oct-2018Integrated silicon photonic device design by attractor selection mechanism based on artificial neural networks: Optical coupler and asymmetric light transmitter.Bor, E.; Alparslan, O.; Turduev, Mirbek; Hanay, Y. S.; Kurt, Hamza ; Arakawa, S.; Murata, M.
2018Optimization of Epsilon-and-mu-near-zero Refractive Index Photonic Structure to Design Unidirectional Transmission DeviceTurduev, Mirbek; Bor, E.; Yasa, U. G.; Kurt, Hamza 
Jun-2019Photonic Crystal Spatial Filters fabricated by Physical Vapour DepositionGaileviğius, D.; Grineviğiüte, L.; Babayiğit, C.; Bor, E.; Turduev, Mirbek; Purlys, V.; Tolenis, T.; Kurt, Hamza ; Staliunas, Kestutis
2016Photonic crystal sub-wavelength ?/5 focusing lens design using optimization methodKüçükateş, B.; Turduev, Mirbek; Bor, E.; Kurt, Hamza