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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2018Optical modulators and biochemical sensors based on low-symmetric nanophotonic structures with interferometric configurationsYasa, Utku Görkem; Giden, İbrahim Halil; Kurt, Hamza 
2012Polarization Insensitive Photonic Devices: Waveguides, Splitter, and Sharp BendsTurduev, Mirbek; Giden, İbrahim Halil; Kurt, Hamza 
Aug-2017Polarization splitting phenomenon of photonic crystals constructed by two-fold rotationally symmetric unit-cellsYasa, Utku Görkem; Giden, İbrahim Halil;  Turduev, Mirbek;  Kurt, Hamza
Sep-2014Reduced symmetry and analogy to chirality in periodic dielectric mediaGiden, İbrahim Halil;  Turduev, Mirbek;  Kurt, Hamza
2011Sharp corners and T-shape nano-photonic wire waveguide with high transmission efficiencyKurt, Hamza ; Giden, İbrahim Halil
Dec-2017Strong electromagnetic field localization near the surface of hemicylindrical particlesMahariq, İbrahim; Giden, İbrahim Halil; Kurt, Hamza ; Minin, Oleg V.; Minin, Igor V.
2016T-Shape Slotted Photonic Crystal Based Sensor with High SensitivityBabayiğit, Ceren; Turduev, Mirbek; Giden, İbrahim Halil; Bor, Emre; Kurt, Hamza 
Jan-2014Theoretical and experimental investigations of asymmetric light transport in graded index photonic crystal waveguidesGiden, İbrahim Halil;  Yılmaz, D.;  Turduev, Mirbek; Kurt, Hamza ;  Çolak, E.;  Özbay, Ekmel
Jul-2017Theoretical and experimental investigations of efficient light coupling with spatially varied all dielectric striped waveguidesYılmaz, Yusuf Abdulaziz;  Tandoğan, S. E.;  Hayran, Z.; Giden, İbrahim Halil;  Turduev, Mirbek;  Kurt, Hamza
Apr-2018Tunable Metasurfaces with Liquid CrystalsYılmaz, Nazmi; Bağcı, Fehim Taha; Özdemir, Aytekin; Giden, İbrahim Halil; Özer, Ahmet; Takashima, Yuzuru; Kurt, Hamza 
15-Jul-2018Ultracompact Photonic Structure Design for Strong Light Confinement and Coupling Into NanowaveguideTurduev, Mirbek; Bor, Emre; Latifoğlu, Çağrı; Giden, İbrahim Halil; Hanay, Y. Sinan; Kurt, Hamza