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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Factors Influencing Pneumococcal Vaccination-Induced Total IgG, IgG2, and IgA Levels in Vaccinated Splenectomized PatientsGazi U.; Derici, Mehmet Kürşat; Karasartova, Djursun; Güreser, Ayşe Semra; Şahiner, İbrahim Tayfun; Dolapçı, Mete; Taylan Özkan, Hikmet Ayşegül 
2021Investigation of neglected protists Blastocystis sp. and Dientamoeba fragilis in immunocompetent and immunodeficient diarrheal patients using both conventional and molecular methodsSarzhanov, Fakhriddin; Doğruman-Al, Funda; Santin, Monica; Maloney, Jenny G.; Güreser, Ayşe Semra; Karasartova, Djursun; Taylan Özkan, Hikmet Ayşegül 
2022Pathogens in ticks collected in Israel: I. Bacteria and protozoa in Hyalomma aegyptium and Hyalomma dromedarii collected from tortoises and camelsMumcuğlu, Kosta Y.; Arslan-Akveran, G.; Aydoğdu, S.; Karasartova, Djursun; Koşar, N.; Taylan Özkan, Hikmet Ayşegül ; Shacham, B.