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2022Investigation of vacancy defects and substitutional doping in AlSb monolayer with double layer honeycomb structure: A first-principles calculationBafekry, A.; Faraji, M.; Karbasizadeh, S.; Jappor, H. R.; Sarsari, I. Abdolhosseini; Ghergherehchi, M.; Gogova, D.
2021Novel two-dimensional AlSb and InSb monolayers with a double-layer honeycomb structure: a first-principles studyBafekry, A.; Faraji, M.; Fadlallah, M. M.; Jappor, H. R.; Karbasizadeh, S.; Ghergherehchi, M.; Sarsari, I. Abdolhosseini
2021Point defects in two-dimensional BeO monolayer: a first-principles study on electronic and magnetic propertiesBafekry, A.; Faraji, M.; Karbasizadeh, S.; Khatibani, A. Bagheri; Ziabari, A. Abdolahzadeh; Gogova, D.; Ghergherehchi, M.
2022Two-dimensional Dirac half-metal in porous carbon nitride C6N7 monolayer via atomic dopingBafekry, A.; Faraji, M.; Hieu, N. N.; Ang, Yee Sin; Karbasizadeh, S.; Abdolhosseini Sarsari, I; Ghergherehchi, M.
2021Two-dimensional FeTe2 and predicted Janus FeXS (X: Te and Se) monolayers with intrinsic half-metallic character: tunable electronic and magnetic properties via strain and electric fieldBafekry, A.; Faraji, M.; Karbasizadeh, S.; Sarsari, I. Abdolhosseini; Jappor, H. R.; Ghergherehchi, M.; Gogova, D.
2021Two-dimensional Janus semiconductor BiTeCl and BiTeBr monolayers: a first-principles study on their tunable electronic properties via an electric field and mechanical strainBafekry, A.; Karbasizadeh, S.; Stampfl, C.; Faraji, M.; Hoat, D. M.; Sarsari, I. Abdolhosseini; Ghergherehchi, M.
2021Van der Waals heterostructure of graphene and germanane: tuning the ohmic contact by electrostatic gating and mechanical strainBafekry, A.; Karbasizadeh, S.; Faraji, M.; Khatibani, A. Bagheri; Sarsari, I. Abdolhosseini; Gogova, D.; Ghergherehchi, M.