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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016On The Application Of Random Walk With Delay And Pareto Distributed Interference Of Chance To An Insurance ModelKesemen, Tülay; Küçük, Zafer; Khaniyev, Tahir ; Yetim, Fuat; Kamışlık, Aslı Bektaş
2018On The Moments For Ergodic Distribution Of An Inventory Model Of Type (S, S) With Regularly Varying Demands Having Infinite VarianceKamışlık, Aslı Bektaş; Kesemen, Tülay; Khaniyev, Tahir 
2020A semi-Markovian renewal reward process with ?(g) distributed demandKamışlık, Aslı Bektaş; Alakoç, Büşra; Kesemen, Tülay; Khaniyev, Tahir 
Jul-2014Some asymptotic results for the semi-Markovian random walk with a special barrierAliyev, Rovshan; Kesemen, Tülay; Khaniyev, Tahir 
2017Three-term asymptotic expansion: A semi-Markovian random walk with a generalized beta distributed interference of chanceKesemen, Tülay; Küçük, Zafer; Khaniyev, Tahir ; Öcal, Çisem