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2014Chiral modes in 2D PT-symmetric nanostructures [2014]Botey, M.; Herrero, R.; Turduev, M.; Giden, I.; Kurt, H.; Staliunas, K.
2019Direct Laser Writing of Optical Field Concentrators Based on Chirped Three-Dimensional Photonic CrystalsMizeikis, V.; Hayran, Z.; Kurt, H.; Turduev, M.; Gaileviecius, D.; Malinauskas, M.; Staliunas, K.
2019Directionality fields generated by a local hilbert transform in optics [Code 142128]Staliunas, K.; Ahmed, W.W.; Herrer, R.; Botey, M.; Hayran, Z.; Kurt, H.
2021Fano Resonances in Nanostructured Thin FilmsGrineviciute, L.; Babayiğit, C.; Nikitina, J.; Staliunas, K.