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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Influence of posterior pedicle screw fixation at L4-L5 level on biomechanics of the lumbar spine with and without fusion: a finite element methodŞengül, Emre; Özmen, Ramazan; Yaman, Mesut Emre; Demir, Teyfik 
1-Apr-2018Investigation of toggling effect on pullout performance of pedicle screwsAycan, Mehmet Fatih; Yaman, Mesut Emre; Usta, Yusuf; Demir, Teyfik ; Tolunay, Tolga
Jul-2018The Prevention Effect Of N-Acetylcysteine On Epidural Fibrosis In The Postlaminectomy Rat ModelGüvenç, Yahya; Yaman, Mesut Emre; Öztürk, Yaşar; Ergül, Gülüşan; Erbay, Fatma Kübra; Tolunay, Tolga; Menekşe, Güner; Özcan, Abdullah; Kaptanoğlu, Erkan
Feb-2017Pullout performance comparison of novel expandable pedicle screw with expandable poly-ether-ether-ketone shells and cement-augmented pedicle screwsAycan, Mehmet Fatih; Tolunay, Tolga; Demir, Teyfik ; Yaman, Mesut Emre; Usta, Yusuf