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2008Down type isosinglet quarks in ATLASMehdiyev, R.; Siodmok, A.; Sultansoy, Saleh ; Ünel, Gökhan
2008The E-6 inspired isosinglet quark and the Higgs bosonSultansoy, Saleh ; Ünel, Gökhan
2008Fourth family neutrinos and the Higgs boson at the LHCCuhadar-Doenszelmann, T.; Ünel, M. Karagöz; Özcan, V. E.; Sultansoy, Saleh ; Ünel, Gökhan
2012Impact of the relatively light fourth family neutrino on the Higgs boson searchÇetin, S. A.; Cuhadar, Doenszelmann T.; Şahin, M.; Sultansoy, Saleh ; Ünel, Gökhan
2011OPUCEM: A library with error checking mechanism for computing oblique parametersÇobanoğlu, Özgür; Özcan, Erkcan; Sultansoy, Saleh ; Ünel, Gökhan; The ATLAS Collaboration; Sultansoy, Saleh 
2009A possible discovery channel for new charged leptons at the LHCÖzcan, V. E.; Sultansoy, Saleh ; Ünel, Gökhan
2008Prospects for the discovery of 4th family quarks with the ATLAS detectorÖzcan, V. E.; Sultansoy, Saleh ; Ünel, Gökhan
2007"Silver" mode for heavy Higgs search in the presence of a fourth SM familySultansoy, Saleh ; Ünel, Gökhan