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2012Impact of the relatively light fourth family neutrino on the Higgs boson searchÇetin, S. A.; Cuhadar, Doenszelmann T.; Şahin, M.; Sultansoy, Saleh ; Ünel, Gökhan
2011Indirect search for color octet electron at next-generation linear collidersAkay, Ahmet Nuri ; Karadeniz, H.; Şahin, M.; Sultansoy, Saleh 
2015New IceCube data and color octet neutrino interpretation of the PeV energy eventsAkay, Ahmet Nuri ; Çakır, O.; Günaydın, Y. O.; Kaya, U.; Şahin, M.; Sultansoy, Saleh 
2021A practical design formulation for perforated beams with openings strengthened with ring type stiffeners subject to Vierendeel actionsZeytinci, Barış Mehmet; Şahin, M.; Güler, Mehmet Ali ; Tsavdaridis, K.D.
2010Resonant production of color octet electron at the LHeCŞahin, M.; Sultansoy, Saleh ; Türköz, S.
2019Search for Excited u and d Quarks in Dijet Final States at Future pp CollidersAkay, Ahmet Nuri ; Günaydin, Y. O.; Şahin, M.; Sultansoy, Saleh 
2011A search for leptophilic Z(l) boson at future linear collidersKara, S. O.; Şahin, M.; Sultansoy, Saleh ; Türköz, S.
2013A Search for Pair Production of the LSP ??~ at the CLIC via RPV DecaysŞahin, M.; Şener, A. B.; Sultansoy, Saleh ; Yılmaz, M.
2011Search for the fourth standard model familyŞahin, M.; Sultansoy, Saleh ; Türköz, S.
2010Searching for the fourth family quarks through anomalous decaysŞahin, M.; Sultansoy, Saleh ; Türköz, S.