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Apr-2014Affective Contagion in Effortful Political ThinkingErişen, Cengiz; Lodge, Milton; Taber, Charles
Mar-2014Attitudinal Ambivalence towards Turkey’s EU MembershipErişen, Cengiz; Erişen, Elif
Jan-2013The Effect of Social Networks on the Quality of Political ThinkingErişen, Cengiz; Erişen, Elif
Apr-2013Emotions as a Determinant in Turkish Political BehaviorErişen, Cengiz
Mar-2015Emotions, social networks and Turkish political attitudes on the Syria crisisErişen, Cengiz
Apr-2013The Political Psychology of Turkish Political Behavior: Introduction by the Special Issue EditorErişen, Cengiz
Apr-2013Research Methods in Political PsychologyErişen, Cengiz; Erişen, Elif; Özkeçeci, Taner Binnur
Jun-2014Strategic Voting and Coordination Problems in Proportional Systems: An Experimental StudyBlais, Andre; Erişen, Cengiz; Rheault, Ludovic