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Aug-2016Cartilage-bone interface features, scaffold and cell options for regenerationÖzcan, B.; Bayrak, E.; Erişken, Cevat 
Jun-2016Characterization of human dental pulp tissue under oscillatory shear and compressionÖzcan, B.; Bayrak, E.; Erişken, Cevat 
Nov-2016Effects of QMix and ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid on decalcification and erosion of root canal dentinAksel Hacer; Serper Ahmet; Kalaycı Şükrü; Somer Güler; Erişken, Cevat 
Aug-2015Viscoelastic properties of dental pulp tissue and ramifications on biomaterial development for pulp regenerationErişken, Cevat ; Kalyon, Dilhan M.; Zhou, J.; Kim, Sahng G.; Mao, Jeremy J.