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Jun-2017Abortion in Islamic Ethics, and How It is Perceived in Turkey: A Secular Muslim CountryEkmekci, Perihan Elif 
Dec-2016An Assessment of Coherence Between Early Warning and Response Systems and Serious Cross-Border Health Threats in the European Union and TurkeyEkmekci, Perihan Elif 
Sep-2017Do we have a moral responsibility to compensate for vulnerable groups? A discussion on the right to health for LGBT peopleEkmekci, Perihan Elif 
Mar-2020Does content of informed consent forms make surgeons vulnerable to lawsuits?Ekmekci, Perihan Elif ; Güner, Müberra Devrim ; Toman, İlayda Nurelif; Karaca, Gülce; Karakoyunlu, Berkem; Çatal, Rabia; Erdem, Merve; Ömeroğlu, Emre
1-Jun-2018Ethical and legal problems arising from off-label use of medical devices and some solution recommendationsEkmekci, Perihan Elif ; Arda, Berna
Aug-2016Evaluation of the informed consent procedure for total knee arthroplasty patients in TurkeyEkmekci, Perihan Elif ; Ekmekci, Alp Burak; Karakaş¸ Özgür; Kulduk, Ahmet; Arda, Berna
Jun-2016Health and Roma People in TurkeyEkmekci, Perihan Elif 
2019Healthcare professionals' pharmacovigilance knowledge and adverse drug reaction reporting behavior and factors determining the reporting ratesGüner, Müberra Devrim ; Ekmekci, Perihan Elif 
2017Incentives to Increase Pharmacovigilance Practices from an Educational and Ethical Point of ViewGüner, Müberra Devrim ; Ekmekci, Perihan Elif 
Jun-2017An increasing problem in publication ethics: Publication bias and editors' role in avoiding it.Ekmekci, Perihan Elif 
2017Interculturalism and Informed Consent: Respecting Cultural Differences without Breaching Human RightsEkmekci, Perihan Elif ; Arda, B.
2019Is Medical Schools, Curricula Content of Pharmacovigilance and Rational Pharmacotherapy- Related Subjects Sufficient for Future Physicians?Güner, Müberra Devrim ; Ekmekci, Perihan Elif 
Dec-2016Main Ethical Breaches in Multicenter Clinical Trials Regulations of TurkeyEkmekci, Perihan Elif 
Sep-2017An Overview of LGBT Rights and Health Legislation in Turkey from an Ethical PerspectiveEkmekci, Perihan Elif ; Arda, B
2017Patient’s rights in cross-border healthcare (Directive 2011/24/EU) and how it applies to Turkey as a negotiating candidate countryEkmekci, Perihan Elif 
2016Physicians’ Ethical Dilemmas in the Context of Anti-Doping PracticesEkmekci, Perihan Elif 
2015Sağlık ve Romanlar; Türkiye’de Yaşayan Romanlara Yönelik Niteliksel Bir AraştırmaEkmekci, Perihan Elif 
2017Seçilmiş vakalarla araştırma etiğinin kısa tarihçesiEkmekci, Perihan Elif 
2019A Survey Study Evaluating and Comparing the Health Literacy Knowledge and Communication Skills Used by Nurses and PhysiciansGüner, Müberra Devrim ; Ekmekci, Perihan Elif 
Dec-2017Syrian Refugees, Health and Migration Legislation in Turkey.Ekmekci, Perihan Elif