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2006Achieving natural clustering by validating results of iterative evolutionary clustering approachÖzyer T.; Alhajj R.
2021Automation of active reconnaissance phase: An automated API-based port and vulnerability scannerMalkawi M.; Özyer T.; Alhajj R.
2021Detecting spam tweets using machine learning and effective preprocessingKardaş B.; Bayar, İsmail Erdem; Özyer T.; Alhajj R.
2011Discovering cancer biomarkers: From DNA to communities of genesAlshalalfa M.; Özyer, T. ; Alhajj R.; Rokne J.
2021Driver drowsiness detection by employing CNN and DLIBAli N.; Hasan I.; Özyer, Tansel ; Alhajj R.
2021Hot topic detection and evaluation of multi-relation effectsZirbilek N.E.; Erakın, Mustafa; Özyer T.; Alhajj R.
2011A hybrid approach to content-based image retrievalAşilioğlu G.; Kaya E. M.; Sarıkaya D.; Gao, S.; Özyer, T. ; Jida J.; Alhajj R.
2021Matching applicants with positions for better allocation of employees in the job marketElgammal Z.; Barmu A.; Hassan H.; Elgammal K.; Özyer, Tansel ; Alhajj R.
2022A Multi-Modal Emotion Recognition System Based on CNN-Transformer Deep Learning TechniqueKaratay B.; Bestepe D.; Sailunaz K.; Ozyer T. ; Alhajj R.
2020Recent Trends in Emotion Analysis: A Big Data Analysis PerspectiveOzyer T. ; Selin A.D.; Alhajj R.