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2011A Hybrid Polyhedral Uncertainty Model for the Robust Network Loading ProblemAltın, Ayşegül; Yaman, Hande; Pınar, Mustafa C.
2013Intra-domain traffic engineering with shortest path routing protocols [pp. 65-95]Altın, Ayşegül; Fortz, Bernard; Thorup, Mikkel; Umit, Hakan
2012Oblivious OSPF routing with weight optimization under polyhedral demand uncertaintyAltın, Ayşegül; Fortz, Bernard; Umit, Hakan
2011The Robust Network Loading Problem Under Hose Demand Uncertainty: Formulation, Polyhedral Analysis, and ComputationsAltın, Ayşegül; Yaman, Hande; Pınar, Mustafa C.