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2021Automatic Generation of H.264 Parameter Sets to Recover Video File FragmentsAltınışık, Enes; Sencar, Hüsrev Taha 
2018Extracting PRNu noise from H.264 coded videosAltınışık, Enes; Tasdemir, Kasım; Sencar, Hüsrev Taha 
2020Mitigation of H.264 and H.265 Video Compression for Reliable PRNU EstimationAltınışık, Enes; Tasdemir, Kasım; Sencar, Hüsrev Taha 
2021Source Camera Verification for Strongly Stabilized VideosAltınışık, Enes; Sencar, Hüsrev Taha 
Jan-2019Tackling in-camera downsizing for reliable camera id verificationTandoğan, Sinan Erkam; Altınışık, Enes; Sarımurat, Salim; Sencar, Hüsrev Taha