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2007Binding of organic cations to gramicidin a channel studied with AutoDock and molecular dynamics simulationsPatra, S. M.; Baştuğ, T.; Kuyucak, S.
2017Energetics of ion conduction in the NavMs channelKörpe, E.; Acar, A. O.; Çavuş, M.; Kuyucak, S.; Baştuğ, T.
2013Interaction of ADWX-1 and COBA1 toxins with Kv1.1 potassium channel by using docking and MD methodsBiçen, M.; Baştuğ, T.
2016Paralysis mechanism of A-conotoxin si from molecular dynamics simulations and free energy calculationsTuna, O.; Kuyucak, S.; Baştuğ, T.