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2010The future of security in Wireless Multimedia Sensor NetworksGuerrero-Zapata, Manel; Zilan, Ruken; Barcelo-Ordinas, Jose M.; Bıçakcı, Kemal ; Tavlı, Bülent 
2008Image Recognition Traffic Patterns for Wireless Multimedia Sensor NetworksZilan, Ruken; Barcelo-Ordinas, Jose M.; Tavlı, Bülent 
Jan-2015Optimal data compression for lifetime maximization in wireless sensor networks operating in stealth modeİncebacak, Davut; Zilan, Ruken; Tavlı, Bülent ; Barcelo-Ordinas, Jose M.; Garcia-Vidal, Jorge
2012A survey of visual sensor network platformsTavlı, Bülent ; Bıçakcı, Kemal ; Zilan, Ruken; Barcelo-Ordinas, Jose M.