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Aug-2016Cartilage-bone interface features, scaffold and cell options for regenerationÖzcan, B.; Bayrak, E.; Erişken, Cevat 
Jun-2016Characterization of human dental pulp tissue under oscillatory shear and compressionÖzcan, B.; Bayrak, E.; Erişken, Cevat 
2021Development and characterization of metronidazole-loaded and chitosan-coated PCL electrospun fibres for potential applications in guided tissue regenerationDemir, Mustafa; Büyükserin, F.; Bayrak, E.; Türker, N.S.
2021Diclofenac sodium loaded multi-layered wound dressing for diabetic foot ulcerBostancı, N. S.; Artunç, Z.; Coşkun, B.; Dayıoğlu, B.; Bayrak, E.; Türker, N. S.